Welcome to the JPND Database of Experimental Models for Parkinson’s Disease.

This new, publicly accessible website is cataloguing the range of animal and cellular models currently available for the study of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and providing a forum for scientists to discuss the limitations of these models and how they might be improved.

The database provides detailed information on in-vivo mammalian models, in-vivo non-mammalian models, and some major cellular models. You may comment on specific individual models or categories of models and respond to comments already left by other users.

The database is expected to be expanded over time, with other neurodegenerative diseases covered by JPND added progressively. Additional models will also be added thanks to your contribution; your participation will help to build an open source of information available to everyone.

The JPND Database of Experimental Models for Parkinson’s Disease aims to build an online network of scientists working in the field to more rapidly establish community consensus around currently available models. By bringing together expertise from across national and disciplinary boundaries, JPND seeks to accelerate progress toward the next generation of experimental models, which could ultimately contribute to a deeper understanding of the causes of PD and the development of potential disease-modifying therapies.

Why join the forum?

  • Discuss the limitations and potential improvements of current models with other scientists
  • Get the latest updates on the state-of-the-art of experimental models for PD
  • Participate in real-time discussion