Preclinical and clinical neuroscience research through data reuse: New call from FLAG-ERA

It targets research proposals using cross dataset analysis as well as the development of robust modelling and simulations to address ambitious and novel research objectives. Proposals should be primarily based on pooling, harmonisation, transformation and/or reanalysis of existing research datasets or a combination of them.

Ongoing projects funded through FLAG-ERA and other national, European or international initiatives such as the ERA-NET NEURON and the JPND are encouraged to broaden their initial objectives by exploring and making use of existing datasets.

This sub-call is intended to contribute to the transformation of neurosciences research landscape enabled by Open Science opportunities, such as EBRAINS. Applicants are encouraged to exchange with the EBRAINS infrastructure ([email protected]). A non-exhaustive list of datasets which can be exploited and further analysed in the context of this sub-call, together with an overview of some of the available EBRAINS services are mentioned in Annex I. A complete list of FAIR data discoverable via EBRAINS is found here: Data and Knowledge – EBRAINS.

Proposal submission deadline: 1 June 2023

For more information, visit: