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    Henrik Zetterberg


    Gothenborg University

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    Pathways to Alzheimer’s disease

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    The Swedish Brain Foundation

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    € 108,814

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    Research Abstract

    Using patient materials in conjunction with cell, zebrafish and hippocampal slice models, we will address four major hypotheses of fundamental importance to the AD research field:
    (i) Many patients diagnosed with clinical AD do not have AD neuropathology.
    (ii) Amyloid build-up in AD is caused by imbalance in the production and clearance of specific Abeta
    (iii) Abeta needs brain incubation over years to become toxic.
    (iv) Gamma-Secretase dysfunction and/or microglial activation mediate Abeta toxicity.
    The uniqueness of the project lies in the combination of well-characterised clinical materials (including cerebrospinal fluid samples [CSF; the fluid that surrounds the brain and communicates freely with the brain interstitial fluid] and brain specimens), state-of-the-art clinical laboratory testing, groundbreaking approaches to biomarker discovery, and both novel and established animal and cell models. The proposed research is translational and involves clinical and pre-clinical units at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the Sahlgrenska Academy, as well as several national and
    international collaborators.

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Member States: Sweden
Diseases: N/A
Years: 2016
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