Principal Investigators

    Dr Amy Wyatt


    University of Wollongong

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    Title of project or programme

    The effect of hypochlorite on the toxicity and clearance of the Alzheimer’s disease-associated amyloid beta peptide

    Source of funding information

    National Health and Medical Research Council

    Total sum awarded (Euro)

    € 309,202

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    Research Abstract

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia worldwide and a growing burden on our aging society. Recent studies support the idea that in AD a deleterious relationship exists between inflammation in the brain and the accumulation of amyloid beta (Aß), a peptide with toxic properties. This proposal aims to examine the details of this relationship with a focus on the toxicity and clearance of Aß when it is modified by hypochlortie, a chemical that is generated during inflammation.

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Types: Investments < €500k
Member States: Australia
Diseases: N/A
Years: 2016
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