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Cohort Acronym

Cohort type
General population-based cohort

Alzheimer's disease, Dementia (unclassified), Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Parkinson's disease, Subjective memory complaints (SMC) or subjective cognitive decline (SCD), Vascular dementia

Participant type
At-risk diagnosis

Recruitment Period 1991 
Sample size at start or planned sample size if still recruiting 4,802  
Estimated Current Sample Size  
Age at Recruitment >55   
Gender Male and Female 

The ZARADEMP project (ZARAgoza DEMentia
DEPression project) was designed as a longitudinal,
community-based study to examine the incidence
of dementia and the risk factors in incident cases of
dementia. It was carried out in Zaragoza, a typical,
large city in Spain, with an important proportion
of inhabitants coming from surrounding rural
areas (12). A stratified random sample of individuals
55 years of age and older, with proportional
allocation by age and sex, drawn from the eligible
individuals (n = 157 787) in the Spanish official
census lists of 1991, was invited to participate in
the baseline examination.

Country Spain 
Contact details
Institution name  
Principal Investiator (PI) Professor Antonio Lobo 
Contact email [email protected] 
Contact phone number  
Address Facultad de Medicina, Departamento de Medicina, Psiquiatría,
C/ Domingo Miral s/n, 50009 Zaragoza, Spain 
Funders (Core support) Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spanish Ministry of Health 

Variables Collected

Brain related measures: N/A
Funtional rating: Individual psychological
Anthropometric: Blood pressure, Height, Weight
Physical: N/A
Biological samples: N/A
Genotyping: N/A
Brain imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Brain banking: N/A
Lifestyle: Alcohol, Physical activity, Smoking
Socio-economic: Education, Ethnic group, Family circumstances, Housing and accommodation, Informal support, Martial status, Occupation and employment
Health service utilisation: N/A
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