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Cohort Acronym

Cohort type
Neurodegenerative disease-specific cohort

Dementia (unclassified), Huntington's disease, Other NDs not listed, Subjective memory complaints (SMC) or subjective cognitive decline (SCD)

Participant type
Condition diagnosed

Recruitment Period 2008-2011|2012-2014 
Sample size at start or planned sample size if still recruiting 366  
Estimated Current Sample Size 0 to 4,999 
Age at Recruitment 18-65   
Gender Male and Female 

TRACK-HD was a prospective observational biomarker study in participants with premanifest and early Huntington’s disease (HD). Track-HD assessed longitudinal data collected at baseline, 12 months, 24 and 36 months at sites in Leiden (Netherlands), London (UK), Paris (France), and Vancouver (Canada). Participants were individuals without HD but carrying the mutant HTT gene (ie, premanifest HD), patients with early HD, and healthy control individuals matched by age and sex to the combined HD groups. Data were collected with 3T MRI, clinical, cognitive, quantitative motor, oculomotor, and neuropsychiatric assessments. TrackOn-HD followed on from TRACK-HD aiming to investigate compensatory mechanisms in premanifest gene carriers. Baseline, 12 and 24 month data was collected from the same four sites on premanifest gene carriers and healthy controls including 3T MRI, task and resting state fMRI, DTI, clinical, cognitive, quantitative motor and neuropsychiatric assessments.

Last update – 11/04/2017

Country United Kingdom 
Contact details
Institution name University College, London 
Principal Investiator (PI) Professor Sarah Tabrizi 
Contact email [email protected]| PI Email: [email protected] 
Contact phone number 609-945-9586 
Address CHDI Management, Inc.
155 Village Boulevard, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Office: 609-945-9586 
Funders (Core support) CHDI Foundation 

Variables Collected

Brain related measures: Behaviour, Cognitive function, Mental health, Neurological
Funtional rating: Individual physiological, Individual psychological
Anthropometric: Height, Weight
Physical: Cardiovascular, Hearing and Vision
Biological samples: Blood
Genotyping: Gene screening
Brain imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Single photon emission computerised tomography (SPECT)
Brain banking: N/A
Lifestyle: Alcohol, Smoking
Socio-economic: Education, Ethnic group, Housing and accommodation, Occupation and employment
Health service utilisation: N/A
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