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Cohort Acronym

Cohort type
General population-based cohort


Participant type
No diagnosis

Recruitment Period 1969-1973 
Sample size at start or planned sample size if still recruiting 10,670  
Estimated Current Sample Size 0 to 4,999 
Age at Recruitment 26 -32   
Gender Male and Female 

The original study (1969-73) had five main objectives: (i) to study the relationship of birth weight (BW) and gestational age (GA) to infant mortality and the incidence of congenital defects; (ii) to study maternal blood pressure before and during pregnancy and the incidence of toxaemia; (iii) to assess the effects of parental consanguinity on reproductive outcomes; (iv) to examine the impact of family planning programmes on fertility and (v) to estimate rates of foetal loss, and neonatal, infant and early childhood mortality.1 The subsequent follow-up studies focused on the effects of prenatal factors BW and GA on physical growth and development and mortality during childhood and adolescence.

For the follow-up in young adulthood (1998-2002), the main objective was to study glucose tolerance, insulin resistance and insulin secretion and a range of cardiovascular risk factors (body composition, blood pressure and plasma lipid concentrations) in relation to parental size, neonatal size and childhood growth.

Country India 
Contact details
Institution name Christian Medical College, Vellore 
Principal Investiator (PI) Dr Antonisamy, Dr Vasan and Professor Fall 
Contact phone number +91 416 2262703 (off.); +91 416 2284205 
Address Department of Biostatistics
Christian Medical College
Vellore – 632002
Tamil Nadu, India 
Funders (Core support) US National Center for Health Statistics 

Variables Collected

Brain related measures: N/A
Funtional rating: N/A
Anthropometric: Blood pressure, Height, Hip circumference, Waist circumference, Weight
Physical: Cardiovascular, Hearing and Vision, Musculoskeletal, Reproductive
Biological samples: Blood
Genotyping: Gene screening
Brain imaging: N/A
Brain banking: N/A
Lifestyle: Alcohol, Dietary habits, Physical activity, Smoking
Socio-economic: Education, Family circumstances, Housing and accommodation, Income and finances, Occupation and employment
Health service utilisation: N/A
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