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Cohort Acronym

Cohort type

Dementia (unclassified), Parkinson's disease, Subjective memory complaints (SMC) or subjective cognitive decline (SCD)

Participant type
No diagnosis

Recruitment Period 1995-present 
Sample size at start or planned sample size if still recruiting 366  
Estimated Current Sample Size 0 to 4,999 
Age at Recruitment >90   
Gender Male and Female 

The Vitality 90+ Study (in Finnish: Tervaskannot 90+) is a multidisciplinary project focusing on longevity and the oldest-old. The sub-projects address the biological basis of aging, predictors of health, functioning and longevity, old age as an individual experience, and the need for and use of care and services. The research is motivated by the rapid changes in the population structure and by the increase in real longevity.

Data was collected through mailed surveys with whole cohorts of people aged 90+ in Tampere, face-to-face interviews and performance tests and blood samples. The mailed surveys were conducted with all community-dwelling people in 1996 and 1998, and with both community-dwelling and institutionalized people four times since 2001.

Country Finland 
Contact details
Institution name Gerontology Research Center 
Principal Investiator (PI) Professor Marja Jylhä 
Contact email PI email: [email protected] 
Contact phone number  
Address Gerontology Research Center and School of Health Sciences,
33014 University of Tampere,
Funders (Core support) Academy of Finland, Pirkanmaa Hospital District 

Variables Collected

Brain related measures: Cognitive function, Mental health, Neurological
Funtional rating: Individual physiological, Individual psychological
Anthropometric: Height, Hip circumference, Waist circumference, Weight
Physical: Cardiovascular, Hearing and Vision, Musculoskeletal
Biological samples: Blood
Genotyping: Gene screening
Brain imaging: N/A
Brain banking: N/A
Lifestyle: N/A
Socio-economic: Education, Family circumstances, Housing and accommodation, Informal support, Marital status, Occupation and employment
Health service utilisation: N/A
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