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    Astell, Professor A


    University of Sheffield

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    United Kingdom

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    AAL-WELL Ambient Assistive Living Technologies for Wellness, Engagement and Long Life

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    € 196,037

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    Research Abstract

    As people live longer there is a need to find new ways to support them to live and age as well as possible. The AAL-WELL project aims to explore how a new type of technology called ambient assistive living (AAL) technology can be used to promote active and healthy aging, particularly amongst people with mild cognitive impairment.

    The project comprises four parts in which we will work with older adults in three different countries to identify their priorities for active and healthy aging, develop novel AAL technologies to support these priorities and test the technologies in the real-world by putting them into the older adult’s homes.

    Our focus will be on identifying the priorities of older adults in two key areas – independent completion of self-care activities and keeping mentally active. We will work closely with older adults to work out what types of technologies we should build and what features we need to include. This information will be used to develop new technologies to test out in people’s home. We will ensure that the information collected in AAL- WELL is relevant to people with different national and cultural backgrounds and that it reaches the appropriate organisations and services.

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Years: 2016
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