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Bioinformatics Platform GenOuest

Name of Principal Investigator
First nameCOLLIN
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Street AddressCampus de Beaulieu
  • France
  • Website link with details of how to contact the resource, contact: [email protected]

    Purpose of the resource

    GenOuest Bioinformatics platform offers a full bioinformatics environment (computational power, public databases,software library) for the community of biologists and bioinformaticians. According to the community of belonging, this environment is used differently: analysis environment for biologists, experimentation environment for bioinformaticians who can test new algorithms. ISO9001 certified since May 2008, the platform offers,development of specific software for the setting up of new software or new resources

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    At the regional level, the GenOuest platform is one of the Biogenouest Technology platforms, the network of life sciences in West of France. As a bioinformatics platform, it occupies a transverse position compared with the other Biogenouest platforms. Engineer positions are shared with other technology platforms: a bioinformatics engineer is shared with the high throughput sequencing platform of CAREN (Armorican center of environmental research), a system administrator is shared with the high throughput proteomic platform (INSERM Rennes). The pooling of these positions helps to build strong links between disciplines and to increase the overall strength of Biogenouest platforms.

    At the national level, the platform is a member of GenOuest ReNaBi, the national network of bioinformatics platforms. It coordinates the activities of the resource ReNaBi-GO (ReNaBi Grand West) which includes the platforms of Rennes (GenOuest), Nantes (BIRD) and Roscoff (ABIMS).

      Types: Bio/Neuroinformatic Resources
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      Years: 2011
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