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    Lindholm Camilla



    Academy of Finland

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    Dementia and interaction - intersections between research and communication training

    Source of funding information

    Academy of Finland

    Total sum awarded (Euro)

    € 407,271

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    The project/programme is most relevant to:

    Neurodegenerative disease in general


    dementia | interaction | conversation analysis | applied research

    Research Abstract

    Aging is a growing challenge in modern western societies where the life expectancy has been steadily increasing. Aging is related to the occurrence of dementias, affecting various cognitive areas, e.g. language. The project Dementia and interaction – Intersections of research and communication training (1.8.2013–31.7.2018) studies interaction patterns in mono- and multilingual encounters between carers and elderly with dementia in Finland. Research data consist of video recorded interactions and field notes from three group homes. The project combines methods of conversation analysis and ethnography. The project includes two sub-projects: (1) Changing communication in severe dementia and (2) Multilingualism in dementia care. The project provides new theoretical knowledge about dementia and interaction, and is applicable in the field of nursing and welfare.

Types: Fellowships
Member States: Finland
Diseases: Neurodegenerative disease in general
Years: 2016
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