Name of Fellow

    Rhys Bevan Jones



    Health and Care Research Wales

    Contact information of fellow


    United Kingdom

    Title of project/programme

    Developing and evaluating an online psychoeducation package for adolescent depression

    Source of funding information

    Health and Care Research Wales

    Total sum awarded (Euro)

    € 386,796

    Start date of award


    Total duration of award in years


    The project/programme is most relevant to:

    Huntington's disease


    Disease Management

    Research Abstract

    This study aims to develop and evaluate a complex home based exercise intervention for people with Huntington’s Disease (HD). Components of an existing intervention will be refined in terms of methods of delivery and appropriate support mechanisms and incorporated into a 16 week randomized and controlled multi-centre Phase II study where functional, motor, cognitive and behavioural outcomes will be evaluated. Adherence will be documented and exploratory health economics analysis undertaken. If successful, this intervention has potential to prevent the need for expensive hospital admissions and intensive input from community reablement teams in this devastating neurodegenerative disease.

Types: Fellowships
Member States: United Kingdom
Diseases: Huntington's disease
Years: 2016
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