Name of bioresource/bank

DNA and cell bank of the Cricm

Name of Principal Investigator
First nameAlexis
Last nameBRICE
Address of institution where award is held
Street Address
  • France
  • Website

    Contact email (e.g. manager or coordinator)
    Funding source

    *French public research fundings from:
    -research organisations (Inserm, CNRS) and universities (UPMC PARIS 6)
    – research programs (ANR, national research agency; PHRC: hospital programs for clinical research)
    *European research initiatives (FP6, FP7, e-rare Eranet)
    *Few private funds from lab companies

    Q1 What conditions does your resource cover?
  • Neurodegenerative disease in general
  • Q2a What DNA collection does your resources hold?
  • Above 5000 donors
  • Q2b What cell lines does your resource hold?
  • Above 1000 distinct cell lines
  • Q2c What tissue (including post-mortem tissue) does your resource hold?
  • None
  • Q3 Are human tissues/samples/DNA from
  • Living donors:blood
  • Living donors: blood derivatives
  • Living donors: DNA
  • Living donors: other, please specify below
  • Q4 Are tissues/samples/DNA from
  • Healthy individuals/control donors
  • Patients
  • Q5 Can samples be linked to clinical (phenotypic) information and if so, is this information:
  • Routinely collected as medical records
  • In a specific study-associated dataset
  • Q6 In what form are samples supplied?
  • Primary Samples: Stabilised samples (frozen or fixed)
  • Secondary samples: plasma
  • Secondary samples: DNA
  • Secondary samples: cell lines derived from primary samples
  • Secondary samples: other types of cell lines
  • Secondary samples: other (please specify)
  • Q7 Are biomarkers/analytes/biological characteristics already measured and the information available for your samples?
  • No
  • Q8 What is the status of your tissue/sample/DNA collection?
    Q9 What are the rules and procedures for access?
  • Apply to PI or co-ordinator at resource
  • Access through collaboration with PI only
  • International access
  • Access to industry
  • Access for pilot studies permitted
  • Applicant needs to provide separate external ethics approval
    • Types: Biobanks
      Member States: N/A
      Diseases: N/A
      Years: 2011
      Database Categories: N/A
      Database Tags: N/A

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