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    Mathias Hallberg


    Uppsala University

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    Framtagning och karaktärisering av en ny typ av kognitionsförstärkare. 69/5000 Did you mean: Framtagning och karaktärisering av en ny typ av kognition förstärkare Development and characterization of a new type of cognition enhancer

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    The Swedish Brain Foundation

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    € 54,407

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    Research Abstract

    Alzheimer’s (AD) disease is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by general cognitive impairment and difficulties with memory consolidation and retrieval. There are no effective drug treatments available and none of the pharmaceuticals used in clinic (cholinesterase inhibitors and
    N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists) address the underlying progressive loss of synaptic connections and neurons. We believe that substances that improve memory dysfunctions by augmenting synaptic connectivity via the formation of new functional synapses might have a
    potential to serve not only as important research tools for animal studies but more importantly, after structural optimization, also as future drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
    However, to properly design such substances that survive the cascade of metabolizing enzymes and that are able to cross various barriers e.g. blood-brain barrier (BBB) and effectively reach target neurons in the brain, is a tremendous challenge.

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Types: Investments < €500k
Member States: Sweden
Diseases: N/A
Years: 2016
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