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    Elizabeth Cridland


    University of Wollongong

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    Investigating the efficacy of an online intervention aiming to increase respite use amongst carers of people with dementia: Roles of motivational enhancement and professional delivery

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    Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation

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    € 34,196

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    Research Abstract

    The benefits of respite for both carers and people with dementia are well established. However, research indicates many carers and people with dementia are reluctant to use respite services and strategies. This project aims to understand these barriers and learn more about ways to facilitate carers’ use of respite services and strategies by developing and comparing three online programs. The first program will include motivation enhancing activities, such as developing a ‘respite goal’, and will be delivered by a health professional. The second program will include motivation enhancing activities in a self-paced format (i.e., not delivered by a health professional). The third program will provide education about respite services and strategies only. By directly comparing the outcomes of these programs, project findings will provide valuable information to inform the design of future online programs to support carers of people with dementia accessing respite services and strategies.

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Member States: Australia
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Years: 2016
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