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    Dr Karen Watchman


    University of the West of Scotland

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    United Kingdom

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    Lets talk about dementia

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    Alzheimer's Society

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    € 21,589

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    Research Abstract

    This participatory action research will be delivered by an inclusive research team, working collaboratively to determine how best to deliver nonpharmacological dementia interventions using the innovative Jenny Diary’s. Jenny’s Diary is a research-informed resource that supports practitioners, family and friends to talk about dementia with individuals who have a learning disability. Using two cycles of planning, action, observation and reflection, a range of personalised interventions will be introduced within two learning disability organisations. Music, reminiscence-based activities and technology-related meaningful activities will gradually be introduced into individual care plans using Jenny’s Diaries as the vehicle for change and care improvement. Whilst there is a growing body of research focusing on nonpharmacological interventions with people who have dementia, this does not include people who have a learning disability and dementia. An initial action cycle will focus on implementation and evaluation of impact on experiences of providing and receiving care followed by wider implementation in the second cycle. Participants (individuals with a learning disability, staff and family) will be supported to use photovoice methodology to take photographs to capture images of how they feel about the interventions. Experiences will be shared using individual and group
    discussions of the meaning of photographs. Constant comparative analysis will determine impact on individuals drawing on Photovoice, DisDat
    assessment tool and interview data; Community Impact Mapping will reveal impact at an organisational level.
    The action cycles will contribute to the building of an online toolkit to accelerate implementation and roll out of Jenny’s Diary beyond the
    participating organisations.

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Member States: United Kingdom
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Years: 2016
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