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    MRC Brain Banks: Joint Application to Underpin Neuroscience Research


    King's College London, University of Edinburgh, Newcastle University, University of Oxford

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    Dr S Al-Sarraj, Dr C Smith, Professor J Attems, Dr O Ansorge

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    This joint application from the MRC Brain Banks in Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Oxford is submitted in accordance with the wishes of the MRC Neuroscience and Mental Health Board (NMHB). After the last funding round for the MRC Brain Banks in 2011, NMHB indicated that a future joint application would be preferred and that the applicants should demonstrate progress in efficiency and improving standards of work in accordance with an agreed set of metrics. This application fulfils this request, and aims to underpin neuroscience research in the UK by providing high-quality human brain tissue samples and data in the formats required by researchers in both academic and industrial settings. The four banks in this application together cover the collection of human tissue samples from a range of major neurological diseases, and normal tissue samples to act as controls. This provides an invaluable resource to underpin neuroscience research in UK, particularly in recently identified priority areas such as dementia. The banks have demonstrated in this application that they can work to the standards set in the metrics agreed with the NMHB, and have improved their efficiency of operations. The banks already support a number of major researchers in academia and industry in UK and overseas, including several who are currently funded by MRC. The provision of high quality tissue samples and accompanying data is essential for the success of these projects; the MRC brain banks constitute a critical infrastructure for this research. In order to develop this important work further, funding for a 5 year period is requested; earlier funding awards for periods of 2 years has not been conducive to long term planning and strategy. The costs of brain banking in the UK compare very favourably with those in Europe and in the USA; over the next 5 years the banks will continue to work to improve efficiency of operation and to operate a cost recovery programme in keeping with MRC

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    € 6,552,567

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Types: Capital Infrastructure
Member States: United Kingdom
Diseases: N/A
Years: 2016
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