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    Miia Kivipelto


    Karolinska Institute

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    Multidomäna interventioner för att förebygga Alzheimers sjukdom: MIND-AD. Multidomain interventions to prevent Alzheimer's disease: MIND-AD

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    The Swedish Brain Foundation

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    € 54,407

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    Research Abstract

    The present project – Multimodal preventive trials for Alzheimer disease (MIND-AD) – builds on experiences and the unique infrastructure from LipiDiDiet and FINGER RCTs, and integrates innovative techniques to study mechanisms and effects of multimodal interventions [Multiplex assays and magnetoencephalography (MEG)]. The overall goal is to find effective strategies for preventing/delaying dementia onset.
    Specific aims are to investigate: 1) Patients with prodromal AD as target group for dementia prevention trials;
    2) Efficacy and mechanisms of multimodal preventive interventions, including the use of innovative techniques
    such as multiplexed protein assays from blood and MEG, a highly-precise, direct, non-invasive technique for
    characterizing human neuronal activity; and 3) Conduct a proof of concept RCT (MIND-ADMINI) assessing the
    feasibility of a multimodal intervention (nutrition, exercise, cognitive training, vascular risk monitoring) in
    memory clinic patients with prodromal AD. Experiences from the MIND-ADMINI trial will be used to plan a
    larger multinational trial (MIND-ADMAXI), and develop guidelines for tailored dementia prevention in various
    settings. With MIND-AD project, an innovative Swedish research platform can be developed to deliver internationally relevant cost-effective dementia prevention interventions. This project integrates a large biorepository to study late-onset AD, and a highly-specialized, multidisciplinary infrastructure to test preventive interventions via multimodal RCTs. Overall, the project is aligned with Hjärnfonden´s strategy, which aims to support identification of effective treatments and preventive solutions for dementia/AD.

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Member States: Sweden
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Years: 2016
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