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Neuro-immune modelling

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ProfessorJeanMansonUniversity of EdinburghUnited Kingdom
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InstitutionThe Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
Street AddressEaster Bush, Midlothian
CityEdinburgh, Scotland
PostcodeEH25 9RG

United Kingdom

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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

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  • Prion disease
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The spread of TSE infection within the body of an animal often starts with transport from the site of invasion to the lymphoreticular system (LRS) and then to the central nervous system (CNS). We wish to study this process to identify the important factors that affect host susceptibility and to define control points at which neuroinvasion might be arrested so that clinical disease does not occur. The objectives of this theme are: To determine the mechanisms of TSE agent delivery to the lymphoid system. To determine crucial sites of TSE agent accumulation and/or replication in lymphoid tissues. To determine the mechanisms of neuroinvasion (how TSE agents spread to peripheral nerves). To determine the role of macrophages in TSE pathogenesis. To determine the influence of host age on TSE agent neuroinvasion. To determine the influence of inflammation on TSE pathogenesis.

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    Types: Investments > €500k
    Member States: United Kingdom
    Diseases: Prion disease
    Years: 2011
    Database Categories: N/A
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