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    PET- MIRCEN (small and large)


    Molecular Imaging Research Center (MIRCEN)

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    33 146548411

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    The expertise of MIRCen in the domain of PET imaging covers the following strategic axes: 1. The validation of radiotracers in validated animal models of human diseases. 2. The validation of animal models by PET with validated radiotracers. ?3. The evaluation of new therapies with a view to transfer to clinical research. The PET platform also works closely with the NMR and histology platforms for the three-dimensional reconstruction of multimodal images (Image Processing platform).

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    Part of FLI (€14,000000 total)

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    Platform is part of FLI infrastrcuture. France Life Imaging bears the ambition to become the privileged point of access to the biomedical imaging research, and gathers under its banner a federative network of research teams and facilities.

Types: Capital Infrastructure
Member States: France
Diseases: N/A
Years: 2016
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