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    Westaway, David


    University of Alberta

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    PrP N-terminal sequences and biological endpoints in Prion and Alzheimer's Disease

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    € 435,305

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    Prion diseases such as mad cow are caused by a normal component of brain cells, the cellular prion protein, “PrPC”, folding into the wrong 3D shape. Interestingly we and others have described that PrPC participates in early chemical events in a different disease, Alzheimer’s, that also features cell-to-cell spread of a misfolded protein. In this work we have found that PrPC exists in three forms and that one form is especially relevant to how prion diseases occur and may also play a special role in the early events of Alzheimer’s. We will explore these concepts using petri dish and animal model experiments.

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Member States: Canada
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Years: 2016
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