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Psychiatric Hospitals (Compulsory Admissions) Act

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Among other things, the Psychiatric Hospitals (Compulsory Admissions) Act lays down rules for the procedure for compulsory admission, discharging patients and the granting of leave, the use of compulsory treatment, the use of means of restraint and restraint measures, and the restriction of the freedom of the patients during their compulsory admission. The Act also provides for a complaints and compensation procedure for the patient and others who are involved.

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  • Health care
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  • The care of people having a neurodegenerative condition (the patient)
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  • Policy or operational framework to define standards for the quality of care ?Framework for diagnosis and patient/family support (for example, covering the provision of services such as memory clinics)Policy on individual choice and control (autonomy) in care and treatment decision-making. Policy on payment for care. Policy or regulations relating to residential care or nursing home supportSupport for independent living and community based care Support for end of life careEducation programmes for healthcare professionals and carersHealthcare policy for primary care (local doctor) or other community healthcare provision (such as nurses, chiropodists, health visitors) in relation to neurodegenerative conditions
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