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Social support act (Wmo)

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Under the Act, the municipalities are now responsible for setting up social support. The introduction of the Wmo offers an opportunity to improve the service provision to citizens and clients.
The Wmo is the result of broader policy, emphasising individual responsibility in health care, both at the insurance side as well as the provision of care side. Within this concept, a new basic health insurance scheme for the entire population is established. The Wmo is part of this reform and introduces a new scheme for all Dutch citizens covering care and support in cases of protracted illness, invalidity or geriatric diseases. The act encloses the area of well-being or welfare policy as well.

The aim of the Social Support Act is participation of all citizens to all facets of the society, whether or not with help from friends, family or acquaintances; the perspective is a coherent policy in the field of the social support and related areas.
Municipalities now have the opportunity to develop a cohesive policy on social support, living and welfare along with other related matters.
The Wmo puts an end to various rules and regulations for handicapped people and the elderly. It encompasses the Services for the Disabled Act (WVG), the Social Welfare Act and parts of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ).
The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport defines the framework in which each municipality can make its own policy, based on the composition and demands of its inhabitants.

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  • Social care
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  • Both
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