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    Monica Busse Morris



    Health and Care Research Wales

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    United Kingdom

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    Supporting Activity Engagement in People with Huntingdons Disease: A Phase II Evaluation (Acronym ENGAGE-HD)

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    Health and Care Research Wales

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    € 770,629

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    Huntington's disease


    Health Services | Neurological

    Research Abstract

    This study aimed to evaluate muscle weakness due to a range of central and peripheral mechanisms in a range of neurological disorders and the related functional impact thereof. Specific focus was on evaluating methods to assess community mobility and factors that were influential on participation. This was one of the first studies to highlight the importance of evaluating the impact of interventions in neurological disorders using direct community based measures rather than instantaneous hospital based assessments. Outputs included 6 publications in peer reviewed journals and numerous published abstracts from conference proceedings. The measurement of mobility and investigation of community activity levels has continued to be an important methodology in my post-doctoral work.
    It was also at this time that my attention became focussed on the importance of physical activity and exercise, and how specifically limited people with neurological conditions are in their daily physical activity. Furthermore, I became interested in the barriers to participation in physical activity and the ways in which changing physical activity behaviours could be achieved.

Types: Fellowships
Member States: United Kingdom
Diseases: Huntington's disease
Years: 2016
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