Name of resource (including any acronym)

The Norwegian bioinformatics platform

Name of Principal Investigator
TitleSeveral node leaders
Address of institution where award is held
InstitutionSeveral nodes
Street Address
  • Norway
  • Website link with details of how to contact the resource

    Purpose of the resource

    The bioinformatics platform provides research-based services and training to functional genomics users in Norway.

    1. The resource is
  • General (e.g. DNA sequence, proteomic data)
  • 2. The resource specifically provides for the following neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neurodegenerative disease in general
  • 3a. The resource is accessible to the research community


    3b. Procedures and rules for access
  • National access
  • 5a. Maintenance of the resource is dependent on continued funding


    5c. Plans to secure further funding beyond this period
  • Don’t know
    • Types: Bio/Neuroinformatic Resources
      Member States: N/A
      Diseases: N/A
      Years: 2011
      Database Categories: N/A
      Database Tags: N/A

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