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    Professor Ray Chaudhuri


    King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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    United Kingdom

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    The pilot clinical validation study of a novel pain scale for Parkinson's

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    Parkinson's UK

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    € 47,453

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    Research Abstract

    Pain is common across all stages of Parkinson’s and consistently under-reported and under or inappropriately treated in clinical practice. There are currently no validated bedside scales to characterise and measure the various types of pain experienced in Parkinson’s which is essential for high quality epidemiological studies and clinical trials. In this pilot study we will field test the first pain scale specific to Parkinson’s based on relevant responses from 500 people with Parkinson’s. The items in the scale (which has four dimensions) were thereafter constructed after analysis constructed after analysis of the patient responses and advice from pain specialists. The scale will be tested for appropriate clinimetric evaluation of acceptability, internal consistency, reliability, construct validity (convergent validity with other measures of pain, internal and discriminative validity) and precision in a group of 150 people with Parkinson’s across all stages and 75 control subject matched for age and sex (control group). Test-retest reliability will be tested at baseline and 7-15 days later in 50 patients. Patients will undergo other measures such as assessment of comorbidity, motor and non motor symptoms, quality of life and on versus off period assessment. is will be a multicentre international study led from King’s using a protocol similar to development of several other instruments such as the non motor questionnaire which is now used worldwide and recommended by Parkinson’s UK.

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Years: 2016
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