Principal Investigators

    Professor Craig Ritchie


    Imperial College London

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    United Kingdom

    Title of project or programme

    The PREVENT Project

    Source of funding information

    Alzheimer's Society

    Total sum awarded (Euro)

    € 537,674

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    The project/programme is most relevant to:

    Alzheimer's disease & other dementias


    Neurodegenerative disease in general

    Research Abstract

    The PREVENT Pilot study has been succesfully running in Imperial College since February 2014. To date we have recruited 201 participants to the study with the protocol proving to be both feasible and acceptable to participants. The aim of this application is to expand recruitment in 3 sites (Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge) to ensure that 350 participants are recruited. A seperate applicaton from Edinburgh to local philanthropists will cover national tasks for the project and recruitment in Scotland of a further 300 subjects. It was always envisaged that post-pilot phase expansion would be needed. The PREVENT project will become the largest mid-life cohort purposed for neurodegenerative disease in the world. It will make a major contribution to the science of disease modelling in early disease, it will continue to enable other research efforts and will be able to make a greater contribution to scientists in the Dementia Platform UK (of which it is a foundation cohorts). Moreover, as a Parent Cohort in the IMI-funded EPAD (European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia) Consortium, extended recruitment will ensure that more people will be able to transition into the EPAD cohort and thereafter EPAD trial. The PREVENT project is uniquely placed to provide the highest quality data across a range of putative risks as well as cognitive and biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease. The pilot phase was very succesful so to ensure even more powerful modelling and greater enablement of other projects, we seek to extend recruitment to a sample of over 600 nationally.

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Types: Investments > €500k
Member States: United Kingdom
Diseases: Alzheimer's disease & other dementias
Years: 2016
Database Categories: N/A
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