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Title of PICentre de Neurosciences de Paris-Sud (Center of Neuroscience Paris-Sud University)
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FOCUS 1 : Identification of cellular and synaptic changes linked to learning and to the functional characterisation of the role of signalling cascades, transcription factors, and the regulation of genes and proteins underlying different phases of plasticity and forms of memory. The research projects cover many different facets of plasticity and memory, ranging from synaptic mechanisms to neurogenesis or early learning in utero, complemented by the analysis of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory dysfunction associated with ageing, certain genetic diseases or Alzheimer’s disease.
FOCUS 2 : Memory processes: from normal to pathology: involvement of the limbo-cortico-striatal system in memory deficits resulting from brain lesions or from pathologies, such as Parkinson, Huntington or Alzheimer diseases, or retrieval alterations such as those associated with relapse in drug seeking behaviour and post traumatic stress disorder. The aim is to perform studies on memory disruption in human patients and in animal models of these memory pathologies by using conceptually similar memory tests in both species (Wisconcin Card Sorting Test, Stroop Test, free and cued recall, reaction time) and cerebral imagery techniques such as metabolic brain activity, gene transcription or unit recording.

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