Title of COE
Title of PICentre for Longitudinal Studies
Mission of COE

The ULSC undertakes a wide portfolio of activities and services, including:

collecting and disseminating the BHPS data
providing services in the design and management of longitudinal survey research, including advice to those establishing new surveys
running a methodological research programme to improve longitudinal survey methods
promoting and supporting the application of research methods appropriate for the analysis of longitudinal survey data
promoting best practice in the collection, management and production of high quality data for users
managing longitudinal survey resources to enable easier access to longitudinal data, information and advice.

First nameJane
Last nameElliott
COE Principal Investigators
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Address of institution where award is held
InstitutionInstitute of Education
Street Address20 Bedford Way
PostcodeWC1H 0AL
  • United Kingdom
  • Date that the CoE was established


    If it has specific relevance to a neurodegenerative disease please select up to three of the following
  • Not applicable
  • Funding sources
    1National Assembly of Wales
    2Office for National Statistics
    3Department for Education and Skills
    4Department of Health
    5Department for Work and Pensions
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