Name of RN
Title of PIScottish Dementia Clinical Research Network
Mission of RN

To promote a culture of clinical research in dementia across Scotland and improve recruitment to high-quality studies from both urban and rural areas.

First nameJohn
Last nameStarr
Address of central coordination point for the network
InstitutionMurray Royal Hospital
Street AddressMuirhall Road
PostcodePH2 7BH
Country in which RN operates
  • United Kingdom
Date the RN was established


The RN has specific relevance to these neurodegenerative diseases:
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
Funding source

Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government Health Directorates

Start date for current core funding


Duration of current core funding (months)


Funding amount of current core funding (Euro)


Website address

    Types: Research Networks
    Member States: United Kingdom
    Diseases: Alzheimer's disease & other dementias
    Years: 2011
    Database Categories: N/A
    Database Tags: N/A

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