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    The Australian National University

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    Tracking disease progression in Parkinson's Disease using new postural and brain imaging measures

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    € 93,242

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    Patients with Parkinson’s Disease suffer a range of motor symptoms affecting gait, balance and posture. Early detection of symptoms is essential for predicting progression of the disease in individuals.
    ?A simple measure, postural sway while standing, has proved useful for detection in comparing patients to controls. Recently non-linear sway measures, which we have been investigating systematically, have shown promise in increased sensitivity and specificity.
    We will examine the association between these measures and existing patient outcome measures, including mortality, rate of progression, and functional brain imaging (EEG) measures.
    This will make an exciting contribution to the clinical and theoretical understanding of PD, allowing clinicians to more accurately and objectively monitor disease progression and predict patient outcomes such as cognitive and motor decline and mortality.
    To complete this cross-sectional study, a pilot for a major prospective study, we are seeking funding from Perpetual for two Balance Plates and an EEG system.

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Years: 2016
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