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    Professor Alan Thomas / Professor John-O


    University of Newcastle

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    United Kingdom

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    Understanding the Basis and Interaction of Non-cognitive and Cognitive Symptoms in Dementia with Lewy Bodies

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    Alzheimer's Society

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    € 474,530

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    Research Abstract

    Our DTC will examine the neurobiological basis of three key non-cognitive symptoms in DLB (depression,
    cognitive fluctuations and gait impairment) and their relationship to cognitive impairments. These symptoms
    cause substantial distress to patients and burden to carers. The DTC draws on the expertise of thirteen clinical
    and basic scientists spanning nine specialities, four of whom are new to dementia research.
    We propose five interlinked projects (Newcastle BRU is committed to supporting an additional DTC project) using
    a range of scientific methodologies. The first project utilises post mortem brain tissue to investigate depression
    and its relationship to executive impairment in dementia by assessing specific molecular signatures related to
    synuclein pathology. The other four projects study fluctuations, depression, gait disturbance and their shared
    mechanisms and span much of the translational pathway from mouse models through human brain tissue to
    neuroimaging data and gait analysis.
    Expected Outcomes
    Newcastle has a strong track record of taking laboratory findings into clinical practice (e.g. dopamine deficits to
    DaTSCAN imaging). Identified pathophysiological mechanisms will be developed in future clinical studies to
    improve diagnosis and treatment. Findings will be disseminated through NE Dementia Alliance (includes
    Alzheimer’s Society), academic meetings and peer reviewed journals.

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Years: 2016
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