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    dr. G.J. Geurtsen



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    Validation of mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease

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    Parkinson Vereniging

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    € 68,338

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    Research Abstract

    This project aims to validate the MDS PD-MCI criteria by pooling and analyzing cross-sectional and longitudinal neuropsychological databases comprising ?5,500 PD patients and ?1,700 controls. After applying the MDS PD-MCI Level I and Level II criteria, rates of conversion to PD-dementia and predictive variables for conversion to PD-dementia will be established. This study will also assist in identifying whether revisions of the PD-MCI criteria are required. Goals 1. Validation of the MDS PD-MCI criteria comparison of the two levels of criteria (abbreviated assessment {I} versus comprehensive assessment {II}) in their ability to detect PD-MCI and predict conversion to dementia applicability of the criteria. 2. Definition of best cut-off score to discriminate patient with and without PD-MCI to predict conversion to dementia

    3. Generating epidemiologic data by:

    defining the prevalence of PD-MCI
    comparing the prevalence across different sites/cohort types
    defining the prevalence of the different subtypes of PD-MCI

    4. Determine relationship PD-MCI, mood and Quality of Life analyzing mood and Quality of Life in no-PD-MCI, PD-MCI and PDD groups

    Additional Information

    The 24 international sites have PD cohorts that are being combined. These cohorts include ? 3,600 PD patients and ? 1,500 controls to validate level I in ? 2,100 patients whom 82% participate in longitudinal studies and ? 1,500 patients to validate level II. Just over 640 (43%) of those level II patients are followed longitudinally. Two PhD student have started October 2013 and the planned duration of the validation project is two years.

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Member States: Netherlands
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Years: 2016
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