Jennie Popay is Professor of Sociology and Public Health at the Institute for Health Research, University of Lancaster, UK.

Jennie’s research interests include social and gender inequalities in health, the sociology of knowledge, public/community engagement in health decision making and the evaluation of complex social interventions. She has used a range of methods in her work but has a particular interest in developing the role of qualitative research in public health including developing methods for the review and synthesis of qualitative research and mixed method studies. She was founding convenor of the Campbell Collaboration Process Implementation Methods Group and the Cochrane Collaboration Qualitative Methods Group.

Jennie is the Co-ordinator of the Global Social Exclusion Knowledge Network (SEKN) established by the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH). She is also involved in the NICE National Public Health Collaborating Centreon Community Engagement – a collaborative initaitive with the Department of Health at the University of Liverpool. The centre has undertaken an extensive review of the evidence on the impact of community engagement in initiatives aiming to address the social determinants of health to inform the work of the NICE community engagement programme group.