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    Dr John Hindle


    Betsi Cadwaladr Universitry Health Board

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    United Kingdom

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    Cognitive rehabilitation for Parkinsons disease dementia: a pilot

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    Health and Care Research Wales

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    € 199,577

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    Research Abstract

    Parkinson’s disease is a common condition that causes problems with
    movement. It also causes memory problems which can develop into
    dementia. People with a similar condition called Dementia with Lewy
    Bodies also have memory and movement problems. For both conditions
    drugs are the main form of treatment but are limited by side-effects and not
    everyone can take them. There is growing interest in developing
    treatments that do not use drugs so that more people with memory
    problems may receive these treatments. A treatment which focuses on
    improving memory has been shown to be useful in Alzheimer’s disease but
    there are no studies that have used the same treatment with people with
    Parkinson’s disease or people with Dementia with Lewy Bodies. This study
    aims to find out whether this treatment can improve memory performance
    in people with Parkinson’s disease and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. To
    make sure that the treatment is useful, people with Parkinson’s disease or
    people with Dementia with Lewy Bodies will receive either the treatment
    which focuses on improving memory, a form of relaxation therapy or just
    carry on with their usual drug treatment. Everyone who takes part in the
    study will choose up to three activities or problems that trouble them and
    that they wish to improve. The measure of success of the treatment will be
    based mainly on the peoples’ experiences and satisfaction with their
    success in achieving their own aims. A number of other measures of
    success will also be used. The information from the study will be assessed
    to decide on the effectiveness of the treatment compared with relaxation
    therapy and treatment as usual. The results will help design larger studies
    of non-drug treatments that improve memory so that more people with
    Parkinson’s disease or Dementia with Lewy Bodies can benefit.

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Years: 2016
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