Monthly Archives: mayo 2012

JPND has established a monitoring and evaluation framework to develop indicators of success and monitor the merits of the new Joint Programming approach to performing research on the European level.

The framework, following the publication of theJPND Research Strategy, was created as a deliverable of theJUMPAHEAD action. It includes a set of peformance indicators and a questionnaire for participating countries to investigate attitudes and opinions towards the JPND initiative.

The framework has relevance for other Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), in particular those in other health domains, to understand the effects of the process of Joint Programming.

The published framework report, as well as an overview presentation of the report,  is availablehere or at the link at the bottom of this page.

Canada has joined JPND as the first ever Third Country member. Israel joins as full member to bring total number of countries participating in JPND to 27.

At the twelfth JPND Management Board meeting on May 4th, 2012, two countries’ applications for membership of JPND were accepted:

Israel becomes the 26th full member country of JPND, following the applications of Austria and Croatia earlier in 2012.  Full membership of JPND is open to EU Member States and EU-Associated Countries.

In a first for JPND, Canada’s application for Third Country membership of JPND was also accepted.  Canada now participates in JPND according to the recently published JPNDPolicy on Third Country Participation.   

This brings the total number of countries participating in JPND to 27.