DEFEATING DEMENTIA – Improving Dementia Care and Increasing Global Investment in Dementia Research

On October 12, 2022, in collaboration with the World Dementia Council, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (of Netherlands), organised an international online meeting titled “Defeating Dementia”. The objective of this meeting is to prepare for a high-level conference on dementia in 2023; to discuss the key themes that will be discussed at the conference with an objective to agree on concrete actions to improve dementia care and to increase the global investment in dementia research. Experts in dementia care took part in this full day online meeting which addressed two main topics, namely:

  • Care: technology for quality of life and to address labour market issues, leading to the best possible care
  • Research: biomarkers are important for finding a cure, improving diagnostics and treatment, funding and sharing data are essential for more and better research

JPND Chair, Professor Philippe Amouyel was one of the key presenters who contributed to the discussion on biomarkers in dementia research. Watch the full video here.

Professor Amouyel also contributed an article on JPND’s role in facilitating brain health partnerships in Europe and its international strategy in expanding research partnerships without boundaries in the contribution as part of a series of essay contributions by dementia experts attending the meeting.

The full series of essays can be read here.