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Prevention, independent living, care and cure: are the main areas that the pilot European Innovation Partnership sees as being crucial to extending healthy and active life in Europe.

The Steering Group of the first initiative of the European Commission’sInnovation Union Flagship have agreed on a series of immediate actions to improve active and healthy aging. Philippe Amouyel, Chair of the JPND is a member of the Steering Group and has lead aworkshop on research mapping. Karine Baudin (INSERM Transfert) is a member of the Sherpa Group.

The target is that by 2020, the number of healthy life years in the EU will have increased on average by two years. To reach this target, the partnership wishes to enhance early diagnosis methods; remote monitoring; independent living solutions enabled by information technology; the construction of age-friendly environments; as well as health literacy and personalised health management.

The partnership’s Steering Group is made up of representatives of national governments, hospitals, companies and civil organisations. The European Commission will call for active commitment from Member States, regions and other stakeholders to further expand the range of participants and implement the prioritized actions.

Link toEuropean Commission andFrench Ministry Press Releases on the Innovation Partnership’s action areas.

Frequently asked questions about European Innovation PartnershipsLink to website of European Innovation Partnership on ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’

Professor Philippe Amouyel will present JPND at the first “European Day of the Brain – Ageing, Stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease – Finding Innovative Solutions” on November 18th in Warsaw, Poland.

The meeting is organised by the European Brain Council, together with the Polish Ministry for Health and DG SANCO, to co-incide with the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union (July-December 2011).

The event will be attended and addressed by European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, together with representatives of the European Commission and Polish Government.

More details of the meeting are available at the link below. 

Professor Amouyel also presented JPND at the Annual Joint Programming event entitled "Public-to-Public Partnerships", in Brussels on Nov 9-10th, 2011.

More details from this meeting can be found at the link below:

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