General Information

Rat: Sprague Dawley

Expression of the full-length human mutant (R1441G) LRRK2  using the bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC).

Endogenous rat LRRK2: yes

Corresponding human genotype: R1441G is an autosomal dominant missense mutation in the LRRK2 gene.

Mutated gene: LRRK2

References: Shaikh 2015

Transgene expression

  • Pups: Estimated 8-20 copies of the transgene can be detected
  • 18 months: No expression is observed in the SN, cortex, hippocampus, liver or kidney in older transgenic rats


  • Up to 18 months: No loss of dopaminergic neurons in the SN or neuronal projections in the striatum can be seen. Similarly, no change in the level of DA transporters is observed in the striatum.

Dopamine Homeostasis

  • Not reported


  • Not reported

Motor Behaviours

  • 3, 6, 9 and 12 months: no motor impairments are observed (vibrissae-evoked forelimb placing, gait analysis and open field)

Response to dopaminergic treatment

  • Not reported

Non-motor Behaviours

  • Up to 12 months: No difference in sensorimotor functions or spatial learning (response to acoustic startle and Morris watermaze tests).


  • Not reported


  • Not reported