General Information

Rat: Sprague Dawley

The full-length rat Parkin gene is expressed unilaterally in the SN using the Adeno-Associated-virus 2/6 (AAV 2/6).

Endogenous rat Parkin: yes

Corresponding human genotype: Parkin was the first gene associated with autosomal recessive Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Targeted gene: Parkin

References: PMID Liu-2013-23313192

Viral injection

Injection coordinates: Left SN -. one deposition site : AP:  -5.6 mm, ML: -2 mm, DV: -7.6 mm.

Volume of injection and viral titer: Two microliters of virus-containing suspensions of 1×107 or 2×107 TUs are microinjected into the brain

Transgene expression

3 weeks post-injection: The transgene is expressed in the SN and striatum (3-8 fold increase compared to the non-injected side)


3 weeks post-injection: None to very mild decrease in striatal density of TH- positive fibres is observed in the injected side.

Dopamine Homeostasis

Not reported


Not reported

Motor Behaviours

Not reported

Response to dopaminergic treatment

Not reported

Non-motor Behaviours

Not reported


Not reported


Not reported