General Informatio

Mice: C57BL/6

The sequence coding for the mouse Parkin protein is expressed under the control of the rat neuron-specific enolase promoter (NSE).

Endogenous Parkin: Yes

Corresponding human genotype: Park2 was the first gene associated with autosomal recessive Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Targeted gene: Parkin

References: Bian 2012

Transgene expression

Overexpression of the mouse Parkin protein is observed in different brain regions, including the striatum, substantia nigra, cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum (0.3-0.8 fold increase in transgenic compared to wild type mice).


2-3 and 11-13 months: No visible degeneration can be observed in the SN or striatum of the transgenic animals. However, Parkin overexpressing mice are less sensitive to treatment with the MPTP toxin.

Dopamine Homeostasis

Not reported


2-3 and Striatal levels of alpha-synuclein are comparable in young transgenic and wild type mice.

11-13 months: Older transgenic mice display a lower level of striatal alpha-synuclein when compared to age-matched wild type mice.

Motor Behaviours

Not reported

Response to dopaminergic treatment

Not reported

Non-motor Behaviours

Not reported


Not reported