Brain research in Europe needs a decisive and concerted effort with more investment and clearer and more innovative research and healthcare strategies.

The European Commission decided in 2012 to make May 2013 the European Month of the Brain with the overarching theme “A month to make a difference”. The Commission is therefore organising two conferences during May 2013:

  • 14 May in Brussels, to showcase European projects in the field and outline future scientific efforts.
  • 27-28 May in Dublin, during the Irish EU Presidency, on European policy for brain research and healthcare.

The Commission is calling upon all stakeholders interested in the subject to organise events and activities around brain research during May 2013. These could include workshops, exhibitions, “brain days”, science cafés, lab visits, media events and awareness campaigns.

The Commission may be able to support stakeholders by adding their activities to its own calendar of events.

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January 13, 2013