Leading experts in neurodegeneration research met in Dublin on March 1st to discuss future research directions and opportunities to collaborate internationally.

In association with Irish representatives from the JPND Management Board, a scientific session was organised on March 1st, 2013, between prominent Irish researchers in the neurodegenerative disease field and JPND representatives. 

The meeting was co-organised by JPND, the Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland to capitalise on the visit to Dublin of the JPND Chair, Philippe Amouyel, as part of theIrish presidency conference on Joint Programming. 

An overview of the latest developments in basic and clinical research in Ireland and internationally was presented, with a selection of leading Irish researchers showcasing their most recent findings.
Other JPND representatives at the session included:

  • Scientific Advisory Board – Prof. Philip Scheltens, VU Medical Center, The Netherlands
  • Steering Committee – Dr Rob Buckle, Medical Research Council, UK
  • Executive Board – Mr. Enda Connolly, Health Research Board

The programme for the meeting is available for download at the link below: 




March 4, 2013