Delta Plan to follow closely the JPND strategic research agenda and will strengthen the international position of the Netherlands for both research and industry

The Netherlands Dementia Delta Plan was launched today by the Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport Edith Schippers and Secretary of State Martin van Rijn (VWS).

The Deltaplan will invest 32.5 million euros over the next four years for scientific research into dementia. The plan aims to improve the care for the patients of today and tomorrow, and should fuel the quest for solutions to prevent or postpone the disease.

The Dementia Delta Plan is built on three pillars:

  1. the development of an e-health portal
  2. the establishment of a national dementia registry
  3. the investment and implementation of new programmes for scientific research

The Delta Plan shapes the policy of the Netherlands Government to keep the care for the elderly sustainable ánd affordable. The Delta Plan will also follow closely the JPND strategic research agenda and will strengthen the international position of Netherlands for both research and industry.

The Delta Plan will be implemented by a public/private partnership including;

  • Public: Government, VUmc Alzheimer Center, Alzheimer Netherlands and ZonMw
  • Private: Achmea, CZ, Nefarma, NFU, Nutricia, Philips, PGGM Rabobank, VitaValley, and VNO-NCW

"Dementia is not a problem of the government alone, but involves everyone" said Minister Schippers. ‘The strength of this plan is that there are so many parties to get involved and connect international research. The joint efforts of government, science and industry makes the Delta Plan so special’.

State Secretary Van Rijn: "As long as it is not possible to cure dementia, we must make the disease as bearable as possible for the patient, family and caregiver. Addition to basic research into the causes and symptoms, we can improve the care’.

The ministers sent the Delta Plan for Dementia to the House of Representatives on April 4th, 2013.

The press release and full plan (both in Dutch) are available at the links below.

(information supplied by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport / JPND Management Board members from The Netherlands) 



April 4, 2013