The interim report of the JUMPAHEAD FP7 action to support JPND has been highlighted on the CORDIS Technology Workplace website.

The JUMPAHEAD project is a coordination action that supports the implementation of JPND to combat neurodegenerative diseases.  It is a three year project funded by an FP7 2 million euro grant GA no. 260774.

JUMPAHEAD has allowed JPND to create a unique European collaborative research organization, with the necessary JPND activities formally organized into work packages. This organization has since established a comprehensive research strategy, a realistically-phased implementation plan, and has been widely disseminated to other Joint Programing Initiatives, offering a framework and valuable experience to develop their efforts more rapidly and efficiently. 

Click on the links below to access the interim report summary in a number of languages:


The interim report was also highlighted in anarticle in the Research EU magazine produced by CORDIS. 

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May 9, 2013