JPND is piloting an online partnering tool as an optional support for researchers interested in responding to the 2013 JPND Annual Calls for proposals.

Two JPND Calls for proposals are due to launch in early December, with the indicative call titlesalready released in a pre-call announcement.

A "JPND Partnering Tool" is being made available from November 7th to assist potential applicants to either call in their partnering activities. 

The tool allows researchers to present their research group and expertise in a closed forum, tailored for JPND, thus making it easier for research partners to locate each other and collaborate on a proposal idea.

Researchers can also register a proposal idea and get comments from expert scientists and researchers within the tool. Consortia can then be built around the idea, potentially leading to drafting a proposal on the tool.

It is believed that this tool will especially benefit early-career researchers and research groups not normally included in established consortia. Established researchers can potentially use the tool to find specific expertise which may be missing from their pre-existing consortia.

Call texts, country-specific information, FAQ etc. for both 2013 Calls will be made availableon this page on the Call launch date (early December 2013).

For more information on the tool, clickhere or on the links below. 



November 6, 2013