A declaration and a communique present the agreements consolidated at the G8 Dementia Summit in London on December 11th, 2013.

G8 countries have agreed:

  1. The ambition to identify a cure or therapy for dementia by 2025, with a commitment to significantly increase spending on dementia research and increase the number of people involved in dementia research.
  2. The creation of a Global Envoy for Dementia Innovation, following the pattern of earlier global envoys on HIV and Aids and on Climate Change, to stimulate innovation and coordinate international efforts to attract sources of finance, such as a private and philanthropic fund to support global dementia innovation.
  3. The development of an international action plan for research, identifying current knowledge gaps and how to close those gaps.
  4. A commitment to achieve better sharing of information and data from dementia research studies across G8 countries, through collaborative working and aiming at the derivation of optimal returns on investment in research.
  5. A commitment to encourage open access to all publicly funded dementia research, making data and results available for further research as quickly as possible.




December 12, 2013