The JPND Action Group on Animal and Cellular Models has published its report, providing an overview on the state-of-the-art of currently available models for neurodegeneration research across JPND countries.

A JPND Action Group was tasked with:

  • documenting the experimental models currently utilized for the study of specific neurodegenerative diseases and new therapies
  • identifying the shortcomings of the models currently available
  • identifying the need for novel models and lines of intervention

The report provides a broad panorama of the models currently available and a critical overview of their limitations, thereby suggesting lines of intervention within the reach of the JPND community that may include funding of competitive calls and organization of initiatives aimed at harmonizing research activities in this field.

Priorities for action will be set by the JPND Management Board for announcement in 2014.

The report can be downloaded at the link below:



January 24, 2014