The priorities of the Italian EU Presidency were recently published under the title “Europe: a Fresh Start”.

For health-related priorities, special importance is being dedicated to the prevention of respiratory diseases, cancer, HIV and consideration of vaccines as an effective tool for public health.

A Presidency Conference on Dementia on 14th November 2014 will focus on the treatment of pain and also palliative therapies.

An additional Presidency Conference entitled “Science with and for Society – Memory: To Know, To Preserve, To Share” will take place on 19th November 2014.

The aim of the second conference is to discuss the achievements of three related European Joint Research Initiatives (JPI-Neurodegenerative Disease/Alzheimer’s, JPI-More Years, Better Lives, JPI-Cultural Heritage), an Article 185 project (Ambient Assisted Living), and a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (SHARE-ERIC). This common effort is directed towards providing reflections, discussion and new tools for revitalizing fading memories due to disease, demographic change, catastrophes and armed conflict.

Source:  Italian Presidency website