The Medical Research Council (MRC) Dementias Research Platform UK (DPUK) is a multi-million pound public-private partnership, developed and led by the MRC, to accelerate progress in, and open up, dementias research. The DPUK’s aims are early detection, improved treatment and ultimately, prevention, of dementias.

The DPUK is creating the world’s largest population study for use in dementias research, bringing together two million participants aged 50 and over, from 22 existing study groups within the UK. Included are people from the general population, people known to be at-risk of developing dementia, and people diagnosed with early-stage dementia.

The DPUK is linking a number of industry partners with a UK-wide network of academic excellence. Six UK and international companies have signed a consortium agreement which will allow shared access to the research resources and the rich and unique data in the DPUK, and to provide a basis for instigating joint studies.

DPUK is being set up for use as a research resource for the entire scientific community. Read more at the link below.


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November 3, 2014